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Everyone loves an Ikea Hack Right? My Ikea Hacks are slightly different as the aim is to reduce, reuse, recycle Ikea furniture destined for landfill which largely contributes to...Over  600000 tonnes of hazardous wood furniture ending in landfill in the UK annually. It is estimated Around 51% of this could be reused with minor repair and with no cost effective recycling soloution available it is fundemental we create a circular economy 

My aim is to create that circular economy restyling furniture to create bespoke pieces at budget prices and I want YOU to join me 

Restyling is my own cost effecive method of upcycling created to fill the gap in the market for bespoke furniture at budget prices. Rather than using chalk paint which although effective is time consuming and costly I use vinyl which is far more labour efective and can be used on laminated wood fibre furniutre which most paints will not adhere too

I have created 7 short easy to follow short online courses that will let me show you step by step how to create bespoke furniture from the most tired and dated of pieces quickly and without any of the mess or hard graft you have when painting 

Whether you are looking to redecorate within the home and dont want to pay out to replace furniture or you are looking to create a business from home my courses will quickly give you the skills and knowledge that took me years to master.  

Take 2 mins to watch the intro at the top of this page for full details of this amazing opportunity 


Ree  Styles 

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