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Thanks for joining me Im Ree and I am the creator of Ree-Styles Furniture 

I'm a single mother of 2 who lives in Scotland and until 2016 I worked full time in the hospitality sector in my own live music bar however at the beginning of the year I had no idea just how different my life would be at the end of it and definetly not for the better...

Overnight my personal cirscumstances changed I knew my kids needed me more than they ever had and my career in the hospitality sector came to an abrupt end after 15 years

I had no clue what to do I had always been employed my kids were accustomed to expensive clothing and food and my new tax credits budget definetly wasn't going to cover it I remember my lowest point like it was yesterday I had 17p in the bank and nowehere to turn this added to my grief really did make it the darkest time of my life... you dont really have the option to quit when you have kids that need you though and this wasnt my first battle I just had to think outside the box...

There was one saving grace I had become accustomed to upcycling in my days as a publican and I had been approached by an interior designer asking me to prototype 3 designs for them at the time i had refused due to time restraints but now I had all the time in the world

So I began messing around with different pieces and designs it was fun I admit but it was hard work and i certainly wasnt getting paid enough or often enough to put an end to my financial stresses and then I done something no one else had I let the customers dictate to me the price they were willing to pay for a piece of furniture and then I spent months finding how i could give them it whilst still making a profit and I did I found a solution that cost less than £20 per item but it took me months to master it especially moulding corners and legs and there was no one to show me how but by December 2018 i had it mastered and with quite the portfolio under my belt I launched my pre order ur own design service across Glasgow on New Years eve 2018 What followed I had never anticipated..

Within 3 days one little post on one buy and sell site had over 4000 view and I had over 100 orders ranging from £95-£170. Within 3 days I marked that one little post as sold and spent the next two months working 7 days a week to catch up my job was definetly no longer fun but it had demand.. demand I had never expected and the kind of demand I couldnt keep up with so it was back to the drawing board and this time the question was how do I grow a global brand when I cant cope with one city?

So I made a decision rather than own the whole of something small I wanted to create something much bigger that I was part off and so I have spent 2019 creating a training programme and business model that give you the ability to create multiple income streams in a sector that we have only just began to scratch the surface of..

The economies future lies with waste as does mine... what about you? 

Ree Styles

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