The Benefits of Becoming a Member

Whether you are looking to medernise ur own furniture or looking for a new Income revenue this membership is for you.

The Circular economy is a relatively new way of thinking and because of this the market is wide  open there are  many issues to resolve and it can only be achieved if countries across the world collaborate 

The aim of this membership site is not only to give you the skills and knoweldge required to create a sustainable income but also to create an online worldwide community that can collaborate, support and work together this way together we can close the hazardous wood furniture cicrular economy

Here are just some ot the areas you can choose to specialise in after you master restyling

  • Shop Fronts - You can restyle furniture and sell  in ur own store however by creating this community you can also sell other members stock that are close to you

  • Restyle Ur own @ Home - This is where you go to the customers home and restyle their own furniture by creating this community I can offer a booking service through this website in the areas you all stay and pass on appointments to you

  •  Online Shop - Are you skilled at website development? maybe you are the member to open an online shop for all members to sell  their stock in your national area?

  • Teaching - I currently not only teach online but also in a classrooom environment there are many different groups that could benefit from this project. I currently teach disengaged school children however you could teach unemployed youth, people with disabilities, offenders, Ex offenders, Abuse victims etc. In my area children leaving care are priority for governement it is always good to check what is priority in ur area as often there is funding however I am here to help you with all that

  • Remanufacturing - All of us need furniture to restyle.. fact! An extra income can be made by remanufacturing furniture not only for yourself but other members near by saving them time sourcing and giving you an income selling before restyling again I will teach you the best three methods i have found for sourcing free furniture 

  • Kitchen and Stairways Restyling - This has a market of its own and is becoming hugely popular although the kichen wrap market is saturated in my area if it isnt in urs its an extra income opportunity.

And I promise to help you every step of the way!

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  • Instant Access to my vinyl course
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Become part of the worlds 1st circular economy online community working together to reduce climate change 

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