Hey You

Ree again and today I just want to quickly discuss the statistics that makes it fundemental we quickly find solutions to hazardous wood furniture

Did you know??

An estimated 600000 tonnes of hazardous wood furniture ends in landfill each year.... to put that into perspective thats enough furniutre to fill Wembley Stadium 5 times.. and did i mention thats in the UK alone

There is no current cost effective method for the recycling of laminadted furniture however reports indicate that 51% could be reused with minor repair and the one benefit of mass produced furrniture is that often two broken items can be remanufactured to create one complete piece indicating that with remanufacturing over 65% of furniture could be recycled and reused. Thats 390000 tonnes of furniture.

390000 tonnes of furniture is the equivilant of over 6 million sets of Ikea malm 6 drawer chests and thats every year in the UK alone.

Now imagine there was a solution.. the question would be how can any one company recycle, redesign and resell 6 million sets of drawers and then how does that company take that solution global because this is a global issue?

I've spent over 3 years researching those very questions and the answer?? They can't it would be almost impossible for one company to make a major impact the only real solution is to find a way to collaborate across the globe and Im hoping that after 3 years in research and development I have created perhaps the start of that solution.

How Though??

The answer is YOU.. in a time where we are all looking for creative ways to make money I aim to give you the skills and knowledge you need to do so restyling furniture the Ree-Styles way. In the process we can hopefully create a community right here on this site working together to have a global impact.

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