Reduce Reuse Recycle

Updated: Feb 20

We all know that waste has long been a worldwide problem however only now are we seeing the effects our throw away economy is having on our planet and i think one thing everyone can agree on is we create far too much waste for the planet to cope with making it fundemental that we are aware and contributing to the reduce reuse recycle concept which implies we should refuse the things we dont need, reuse the things we can and recycle the things we no longer need.

The circular economy strategy is how we take this concept and not only put it in place across the business economy but also how we create new business concepts that are designed to support the business economy become circular and that is exactly where the Ree- Styles Furniture business model sits.

Let me explain...

I will use plastic as an example as this is the environmental issue at the forefront of change and one many businesses are working on eliminating however note that we speciallise in hazardous wood furniture another non recyclable resource but one with no current worldwide cost effective soution..

Reduce - Manufacturers are either reducing the amount of packaging, changing the packaging all together or simply removing the packaging in a bid to reduce plastic

Reuse - Plastic bags are a perfect example here with shops now charging upto 20p in order to ensure we reuse our plastic

Recycle - Every home now has a bin for plastic recyling and nearly all bottles etc are fully recyclable

Now let me give you a similar example using hazardous wood furniture (laminated flat pack)

Beginning - This furniture usually starts its lifespan entering the country on a ship from china which creates carbon emissions

Middle - It will then spend 2-4 years in situ before it is either chipped, scratched or fittings become loose and it then loses appeal to the owner who decided to rebuy

End - At the end of lifespan the furniture will go straight to landfill where it will take upto 100 years to decompose

Now with 600000 tonnes of hazardous wood furniture ending in landfill in the UK annually (thats enough to fill Wembley Stadium 5 times by the way) we really need to look at how we can create a circular economy in this sector with places like Ikea already leading the way with reduce and companies like Ree-Styles Furniture remanufacturing and repurposing for reuse the next stage is finding a recycling method for the 35% unsalvagable by remanufacturing

Fancy a Challenge? Join me in the first worldwide online circular economy and lets change our planets future


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