Upcycling Vs Restyling

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Thanks for joining me again.. today I just want to discuss the differences between upcycling and restyling but first I feel a disclaimer is a must

If you are a furniture upcycler reading this I have nothing but respect and admiration for the work you do! I do not pretend what we do is the same thing in fact I began this journey painting I know exactly how much love you put into each piece truthfully I just dont have that kind of love in me. So why you create beautiful designs for each customer I mass produce designs, while you spend hours of attention into each item I spend an hour on each item and while you focus on the customer with the added benefit of providing a recycling solution I focus on the recycling solution with the added benefit of the customer, whilst you deservedly sell at the high end of the market I sell at the budget end of the market.

If you are reading this as someone who has never used paint to upcycle please do not underestimate the talent required to create these beautiful designs.

So now back to the point of this blog what sets upcycling and restyling apart

It all comes down to labour entensity if choose to upcycle you will...

1. Search for the perfect piece collect it and haul it back to ur workspace

2. Clean it thouroughly

3. Sand it thoroughly to remove all traces of paint, varnish or top layer of veneer

4. Clean it again

5. Tape off straight line in preperation

6. Paint the whole surface with a primer

7. Leave to Dry

8. 1st coat of paint

9. Leave to dry

10. 2nd coat of paint if necesary

11. Leave to dry

12. Seal with a varnish

13. Remove all tape

14. Add Handles

15. Sell

Where in contrast the restyling process is far less labour intensive and looks like this..

1. Pick up a set of ikea or similar from facebook etc ( I have methods of finding free furniture in my finding furniture blog)

2. Fill any chips using woodfiller

3. Lightly sand to remove any scratches, excess woodfiller etc

4. Clean thoroughly

5.Remove top from frame

6. Add Vinyl and cut

7. Use heat gun to mould vinyl round corners of top

8. Repeat on drawers

9. Add handles


On average including time to dry it will take most of the day to upcycle one set of furniture where restyling only takes 1-2 hours per item depending on whether you choose a colour change or bespoke design (wallpaper and fabric). Now although the cost to produce a finished piece is pretty similar the cost of labour is hugely different and the reason why upcyclers charge double if not triple what restylers charge. However this can be seen as a benefit as both compete for different markets whilst having similar objectives.

Whether you choose to upcylce or restyle you will be having a positive impact on carbon emissions and at the end of the day thats all that should matter right?

Please let me know if you would like me to create a painting furniture course below

Ree Styles


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