In this section you can find everything you will need for any of my Ikea hacks. In my vlogs I use basic tools and materials to show you just how inexpensive this process can be however for those looking to create an income and taking the work from home course should consider investing in the items suggested within the course it really does make life easier.



Choose from a range of colours and widths of vinyl used for simple colour changes and all frame work 

used for the tightening of screws and handles 

Screwdriver Set

A necessary tool for measuring vinyl 

The Vinyl Applicator and cutting knife are essential for the job 

Vinyl Application Tools

Tape Measure

Gloss & Matt Vinyl

Advance Tools

A drill is necessary for creating handle holes it also replaces the need for a screwdriver set

Drill Set 

Heat Gun

The heat gun is necessary for vinyl moulding including tricky corners, table legs and more...

Drawer Knobs

A slection of door knobs to suit any design 

Vinyl Cutting Tools

Cutting Mats, Vinyl Cutting Machines and other useful tools to make the job easy 


A useful tool for sanding out damages 

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